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Gooey Caramel Cookie
Krave the gooey carmel cookie goodness
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Gooey Caramel Cookie
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Gooey Caramel Cookie

Fresh baked caramel cookie, oozing with cookie-caramel goodness. We hear and agree; one vape and you too will Krave The Cookie.

Ingredients Include: United States Pharmaceutical Grade (USP) Propylene Glycol, Glycerine (USP Grade), food flavors and optional nicotine.

Customer Reviews
Just like the picture
  I have always liked cookie flavored juice. This vape has a good throat hit and a smooth caramel flavor, then the cookie comes along Yo finish you off:). I really enjoy all the flavors from altcig I am still really into the dessert flavors. I haven't been much of a fruit or tobacco flavor vaporer. But still enjoy tasting them.
  Reviewed by:  David Ridderbusch from Bay city Oregon. on 5/8/2014
The best Caramel I have ever tasted
  Gooey Caramel Cookie is favorite juice lately. Really caramelly. Really sweet. Really good.
  Reviewed by:  Junebug from Windy City. on 10/15/2013
Delicious Gooiness!!
  I got this as a free sample with my recent order. I threw this in one of my vivi nova tanks and I can’t put it down. I found it to be a delicious vape with my morning coffee.
  Reviewed by:  Jesse I. from Northern California. on 6/4/2013
Wow yummy goodness is right on target with this one..
  Oh I found another new favorite with this one. Such a fantastic caramel flavor mixed with just all the gooey cookiw goodness you could ever want and more. Goodness, I love this one..thank you for this one Altcig great job.*
  Reviewed by:  Priorities from NJ/NYC. on 1/16/2013
VERY good!!
  VERY good!! Tastes like a sugar cookie with a caramel swirl. Tasty and sweet. Can't go wrong with Altcig dessert juices!!
  Reviewed by:  Stephanie from IL. on 8/23/2012
Wow, and then some!
  This stuff is amazingly good!, its one of my top favorites now'. I taste everything advertised on this one and more! Unfortunately it does tend to eat up cartomizers way too fast. I tend to notice the cartomizer far too early in the game. Lets just hope its me, but i've gone thru a few cartomizers with barely vaping this. I'm using the dcc/tank combo from smoktech, 6 ml. That might have something to do with it. BUT, i'm still going to order more, its just THAT GOOD
  Reviewed by:  MEEMS from BC, CANADA. on 8/2/2012
Om nom nom
  Got this stuff as a sample, absolutely delicious. Ordering a giant bottle right now...
  Reviewed by:  Alicia McNeal from Texas. on 7/19/2012
Gooey Caramel Goodness
  This is really quite spectacular. It tastes like you made the cookies you see in their picture. Down to the flavor of the bottom, which some of the caramel has worked it's way through to the hot pan to be further caramelized. It vapes as heavy as you would expect, and it is quite the pleasure after vaping a lighter tasting juice. Awesome? Well of course, it was made by AltCig!
  Reviewed by:  Kevin Jones from World Of Goo, MO. on 6/10/2012
  A little bit of salty and a lot of sweet cookie. Very good flavor all around. Cookie and caramel flavor melds well.
  Reviewed by:  Jeff D from Cali. on 6/9/2012
Got it for my wife
  Gooey Caramel Cookie is the best juice I have vaped. It tastes like gourmet candy store caramel and home made cookie. I got it for my wife and vaped it all. I will share the 70ml on order.
  Reviewed by:  Brandon Hayes from Buffalo, NY. on 5/26/2012
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