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Bob's Krave Kutter
Finally, a full-bodied, robust, tobacco that mimics the real thing
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Bob's Krave Kutter
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Bob's Krave Kutter

Finally, a premium, full-bodied, robust tobacco that mimics the real thing. A serious, enjoyable commercial tobacco taste with a familiar throat hit and clouds of vaping pleasure.

Ingredients Include: United States Pharmaceutical Grade (USP) Propylene Glycol, Glycerine (USP Grade), food flavors and optional nicotine.

Customer Reviews
super smoker
  Bob's is the best tobacco flavor I have found. You Can vapor on it all day or add a flavor and keep on trucking.it's nice to find a company that still knows what customer service is,A BIG THANK YOU
  Reviewed by:  gerald duke from kinston nc. on 9/11/2014
Perfect name
  I traded cigarettes for Krave Kutter 11 months ago. I have broadened my flavors but vape BKK daily still and probably always will. This is the juice I share with friends wanting to give vaping a go.
  Reviewed by:  Steph A. from NY. on 4/9/2014
wow this is good
  This liquid has a bite like no other ive tried and its really hard to explain! slightly sweet, nutty, with something awesome. ok thats what it is. just awesome. Thanks to alt cig! will be ordering again.
  Reviewed by:  Hanna from Philly. on 2/22/2014
  First, this is my first purchase from AltCig and I am LOVING the flavor of this ejuice! Also, the customer service at AltCig is a force to be reckoned with! The free samples they sent have opened me up to flavors (I have only vaped tobacco flavors). THANK YOU, EVERYONE AT ALTCIG!! You ROCK! This flavor is great! I am hooked and I doubt I will order my juices from anywhere else.
  Reviewed by:  Wade Brodsky from Atco, NJ. on 2/7/2014
This vape is unique.
  When I first tasted Bob's Krave Kutter I was puzzled. It has such a unique flavor that I couldn't put my finger on what I was even vaping. It grows on you, that is for sure and after vaping this for 4 months i've finally put my finger on what the flavor resembles and why it is so addicting to me. I kept telling myself that it was strictly tobacco flavor as the description says, but there is much more going on here, unlike other vapes this juice "to me" is like a fine wine and needs to be understood to be truly enjoyed. To cut to the chase after all this time i've realized that this vape has three layers of flavor, one is lemon zest, the other is pecan and the last is tobacco, to me this is the best way I can explain this vape as it is very unique. This is my favorite flavor that AltCig sells and the only one I purchase every single time. Imo, they have created a vape here unlike anything you can get anywhere else. I strongly recommend trying this at least once for its uniqueness. Strong flavor, great vapor production, and perfect mixture of ingredients. This is the only liquid on this site I give a perfect 10 out of 10. Kudos AltCig, imho, this is your masterpiece and sets you above the standard.
  Reviewed by:  Brandon Havard from Gulf Shores, AL. on 2/6/2014
Good Flavor for when you first quit, try with vanilla love also
  I ordered this along with the vanilla love the first time I ordered from AltCig, and I was pleasantly surprised that this was not a harsh flavor but still gave me the taste I was looking for. When I mixed it with the vanilla love it was perfect. Love your products and customer service guys keep up the good work. P.S. Hand written notes on the receipt are pretty cool showing that you guys really are passionate about what you do. Thanks again Alt Cig
  Reviewed by:  Jamie Azar from Cleveland, Ohio. on 9/12/2013
Not For Me
  I stopped smoking cigarettes a while back and I think it just had the same taste affect as if I were to pick up a cig after not smoking for so long. This might have been a good vape the first week or so after I quit smoking.
  Reviewed by:  Jesse I from Northern California. on 7/9/2013
Good stuff
  This is a very good tobacco vape. And for those days when I want something a little bit sweeter, I add a bit of vanilla love to it and it is outstanding. Not only that, but I get compliments on the aroma, when I mix them.
  Reviewed by:  Alfred from California. on 5/6/2013
Cuts the crave every time
  Another reviewer said it well about BKK not tasting like but feeling exactly like a cigarette. Right after a meal, work or at the time I used to have the real thing, this juice delivers that satisfaction. Been vaping BKK for a year. It is my must have juice.
  Reviewed by:  Sheila Hanatt from CO. on 2/18/2013
Good stuff
  Crave Cutter is a winner. Arrived in two short days, in-your-face tobacco flavor, outrageous throat hit and tons of vapor.
  Reviewed by:  Michael Augustine from St. Louis, MO. on 1/19/2013
New regular fav
  I have to say that this is the 7th vendor for e-juices that I have tried and I am VERY pleased. I really like how Alt cig tosses in a sample to try out too. We all know how hard it is to find just the perfect flavor :)
  Reviewed by:  Julie from Kansas. on 1/17/2013
Tis Tasty!!
  I only bought a 6ml sample of this juice because I've tried so many tobacco flavors and been disappointed with most. Wouldn't you know this one is GREAT!! I used up that little bottle in no time! It has a good smooth tobacco flavor and something else that I just can't figure out....it's like none of the other tobacco flavors out there that I've tried in the past 2+ years. Really good!! Time to order a big bottle! : )
  Reviewed by:  Diane from Texas. on 12/6/2012
all day vape
  I have tried a couple different companies, and altcig flavors are the best I have found. I love this flavor. It's been 3 months for me w/o a cig. thankyou altcig.
  Reviewed by:  lovin the vape from Martinsville. on 11/25/2012
I'm addicted!
  I don't know what it is about this flavor but I can't quit vaping it. It doesn't taste like a lit cigarette to me but it does taste like a fresh pack of cigarettes smell and it is wonderful. It's been my daily vape since I first tried it and I can't quit vaping it!!
  Reviewed by:  LeAnn Winemiller from Illinois. on 8/23/2012
Outstanding flavor and throat hit
  Very unique. I wouldn't say the flavor is similar to a real cigarette, but the sensation and feeling is. The flavor is far superior, and the throat hit at 18mg is awesome. I've tried over 75 juices in the last 8 months since I began vaping, and this is my new favorite.
  Reviewed by:  Funkyg from Atlanta, GA. on 8/3/2012
Peanut? COOOL!
  I'm really shocked that no one has mentioned a slight peanut taste to this incredible stuff! It a real live cigarette, but a lot of fun to VAPE!, i can vape this til the cows come home', even if i wasn't a farmer'. Like I said, I do detect a small amount of nuttiness, which i'm lovin! Maybe they should have a 'Peanut Allergy Alert' to this one...brahahaha Conclusion: EFFFIN EH!
  Reviewed by:  MEEMS from BC, CANADA. on 8/2/2012
So close to a cigarette it is scary....
  This stuff so closely simulates the sensation of smoking a cigarette I had to check my ashtray (carto holder) to make sure there were no butts in it. Not so much the flavor; it tastes so much better than a real cig, but nice and tobacco-y at the same time. But it is the way it feels. The way it tickles your throat. The way it feels in your mouth. The way it just....is. Highly recommended to anyone who gets that Krave or is just starting out.
  Reviewed by:  Kevin Jones from Missouri. on 6/29/2012
Right On!
  Full body...Robust...OH Yeah! This is an awesome tobacco vape for sure. I added one drop of AltCig menthol flavor enhancer to 5ml of this bad boy and I'm lovin it. Excellent straight up or with a dfrop of menthol. Either way it's a great tobacco vape that has a secure spot in my daily rotation.
  Reviewed by:  Thomas Poulton from Rochester, NY. on 6/16/2012
* ok Tobacco juice searchers *
  LISTEN UP, still looking? This one you can buy with confidence. Others can describe the flavors, Im giving you the bottom line. Finally want a good tobacco & or staple vape? I can't even vape 80% of tobacco ejuices and I adore tobacco. If this sounds like you, buy big or go home. Why buy small bottles on the juices reviewed like this or Vanilla Love? I wanted to give 4.5 as I am VERY stingy with stars myself however this is closer to a perfect 5 than an excellent 4, go buy now!
  Reviewed by:  Destin from Nashville. on 6/2/2012
Very Satisfying Tobacco Vape
  I've tried many tobacco flavors that are still sitting here after nearly a year. This one is so much different for me. Very enjoyable and flavorful vape. It's great stand-alone, or to mix with other flavors to pump them up a little. Never thought I'd like a tobacco juice, as I usually vape fruit or dessert flavors, but this has become a daily vape. If you have a craving for an analog, this juice will keep you vaping, so stock up on it! Kudos to Bob on this one.. you nailed it!
  Reviewed by:  Kristi from Alabama. on 5/30/2012
just right
  I am not a big tobacco fan but wanted something for those I need a cig days. This hits the spot. Very clean but full flavor tobacco. Does what the name says.
  Reviewed by:  jen from mn. on 5/14/2012
Not for me
  I tried this on a recommendation and so far I'm not the least bit impressed. I bought an ecig kit that came with prefilled cartridges and I absolutely love the flavor the prefilled carts but I've yet to be able to find an e-liquid that even comes close to tasting as good. To me the krave kutter flavor tastes more like plastic than anything else. Better than some other tobacco e-liquids which are bitter but this still isn't what I'm looking for.
  Reviewed by:  Jonathan Morley from Tucson. on 5/8/2012
BKK has become my favorite tobacco vape
  Not much more to say than that. BKK is the one for me. Smooth, sweet, ultimately satisfying vape. I love to drip this one because it doesn't burn up too quick.I can't say enough good things about BKK.Try it.You won't be disappointed.As it ages it just gets better and better. I have found that most Altcig juices do that. So get the big bottle so you have some for now and some for later! And get some Vanilla Love too also gets better with age. Good stuff!
  Reviewed by:  Crystal from South Carolina. on 4/17/2012
check it out
  This is easily my all day vape. Smooth yet tastey. Good backo flavor with maybe,just maybe a hint of ....? Plus it seems to last way longer in cartos than any other juice. Check it out.
  Reviewed by:  Steve from NH. on 4/9/2012
good ole tobacco flav
  Add me to the list of happy vapers. This one is perfect, blends just right , good tobacco flavor but very balanced, very good even to those who not vape tobacco on a reg basis. Recommended .
  Reviewed by:  Alon Dotan from NC. on 4/7/2012
Clean taste
  This is a very good, clean tasting tobacco. It's almost like I have a cigarette... but it tastes good. Hope that made sense!
  Reviewed by:  Jeff D from CA. on 3/12/2012
Bob's Krave Kutter - Craveable
  Excellent smooth tobacco flavor without the undertones so many eLiquids contain. Thank you for creating such a pleasant liquid.
  Reviewed by:  Jerry from Tampa Bay. on 2/28/2012
No paper needed ...
  Finally a very good Tobacco Vape That is not too dry. Taste is wonderful , This will be at the top of tobacco lovers list .Very good vapor output as well. Enjoy ,TJVJR
  Reviewed by:  Ted Vines from East TN. on 2/6/2012
Crave Cutter Rocks
  This is a full, strong, excellent tobacco juice I vape every day.
  Reviewed by:  Eric LaRowe from CO. on 12/26/2011
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